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What Does a Wedding Day Look Like with No First Look?

When wedding planning and preparing for their special day, one of the main things to have is a photography timeline. When working with Adair, we help to build your timeline based off of your particular needs.

Below is an example of one of the most common ceremony times we see as photographers. This is based off of a couple having 8 hours of photography coverage, planning on not having a first look, and a 5:30 pm ceremony. We gather all of this information throughout the planning process once the couple chooses Adair to be a part of their dream team!!


3:00 photographer arrives. Details and getting ready photos

4:00 dress on

4:20 bride portraits, bridesmaid portraits

4:45 groom portraits, groomsmen portraits

5:00 couple tucked away before ceremony, photographer capturing ceremony space

5:30 ceremony

6:00 (cocktail hour begins)

6:10 family portraits

6:25 bridal party portraits

6:40 B/G portraits

7:00 reception entrance

7:30 dinner

TBD sunset photos!

11:00 photography coverage ends

*** This is a previous couple's timeline, each timeline is customized to meet the needs and wants of each couple we are honored to work with.**

A Few of Our Favorite Weddings That Had Their "First Looks" at Their Ceremony:

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