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6 Tips That Will Make a Huge Difference in Your Wedding Photos!

We know your wedding day can be stressful and there is no need worry about how your wedding day pictures might look! So, here are a few easy tips and tricks to remember for your special day to make your wedding album one to cherish forever.

  1. Give Your Partner Another Kiss Halfway Down the Aisle. Walk Slowly and Celebrate!

2. Stay Centered During the Your Vows While Holding Hands! When a Couple Stands with A Lot of Distance Between Each Other, It Can Look a Little Awkward!

3. Be Centered on the Dance Floor During Your First Dance! That Way Your Guests Can See Both of You AND Your Photographer(s) Can Capture Beautiful Photos.

4. Ask Your DJ to Only Use White Lights During Your First Dance. This Will Give The Best Lighting Possible If You Have an Indoor Reception!

5. Your Bouquet Will Have a "Front" and a "Back" Side; Hold with The Face Forward, and Point Outward. Your Florist Will Be So Thankful!

6. Most People Know This One, But Not Many Do IT; Ask Your Officiant to Step Out of Frame During Your First Kiss. That Way When Your Photographer Captures This Moment, it Will Just Be the Two of You!


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