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Cincinnati Engagement Session Locations

Updated: Nov 11, 2019


Cincinnati has a plethora of beautiful locations for your engagement session. Here are some of my clients’ favorites:


French Park

Music hall and OTR



Eden Park


The Summit Hotel

The 21C Museum and Hotel

Hotel Covington

What to wear

Most Adair couples are looking for an elegant timelessness in their photos. I recommend wearing something that makes you feel like a million bucks, that you can have fun in!

For a man: a suit or tux if you want a more formal look, or a button-up, some nice pants, and a blazer for a more casual feel.

For a woman: Girl, so many options! It is easy to stress about what to wear, but I encourage you to go with something simple. Neutrals are your friend. Everyone looks amazing in a long black dress, or even a white dress that isn’t your wedding dress! You are a bride, after all. Going this route will accentuate your beauty, rather than making your outfit the focus. It will also be easy to find a beautiful dress in black or white.

Accessories are what brings your whole look together. Nice shoes, your fav watch, and your grandmother’s heirloom earrings, anyone?! How about the belt or bow tie your father got married in?! And of course, the most important piece of jewelry...your beautiful ring!

The unposed pose

Your engagement session is about more than getting pretty photos. It is an unforgettable date night! My goal is that you leave your engagement session more in love than when you arrived. You’re getting dressed up not only for the photos, but for yourselves and each other. We’re going to go to a beautiful location and I will guide you to walk around holding hands, to talk and laugh and savor being with one another. Take in the moments. Hold your partner’s hand, kiss their cheek, smell their cologne, and whisper in their ear. I’ll be there to guide you in the ways that will make you look fantastic. I want you to simply enjoy your experience, and plan on going out for a nice dinner afterward!


There you have it. The formula for your dream engagement session: A gorgeous Cincinnati location, a stellar outfit, elegant accessories, and the expectation to have fun and savor the experience.

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