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Pinecroft at Crosley Estate Wedding

Updated: May 23, 2022

We met Barbara and Matt in July of 2021 for their OTR inspired engagement session. They had the unique idea for their shoot to be a tour of the vibrant murals all around downtown Cincinnati.

Three things are near and dear to this couples heart, fitness, color and the city of Cincinnati and they were all at the center of their wedding day.Fitness is so important to the couple they actually own their own gym, Trilogy Fitness Systems!

Their modern, minimalist wedding took place at the classic Pinecroft Mansion at Crosley Estate and was accented with burgundy and pink. Barbara and Matt LOVE everything Cincinnati!! Evident through the Skyline chili bar, Rozzi fireworks, and dancing the night away with their friends, family, and the Bengals mascot, Who Dey! At the end of the evening Matt surprised his new bride with a firework show put on my Rozzi's. The perfect way to end such a perfect day!


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