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Mariemont Chapel and The Barn Art Center Wedding Cincinnati

Madeline and Samuel‘s wedding day was truly a divine experience. Their connection to Lord, each other, and those in their lives is one that I believe we can all learn from.

The day was rainy, cold, and windy.  In an adorable Airbnb, the girls got ready upstairs and the guys got ready downstairs. The laughter filling the house was jubilee.

During their couples portraits at Mariemont Community Church's adorable chapel, it was like I wasn’t even there. Madeline and Samuel  were in complete warmth and joy holding each other outside of the church in the midst of the wind and rain. Surrounded by bitter cold, it was like a halo of warmth was radiating from them.

I really believe that their lives and home will be that same way. Peace, warmth, and safety in the midst of a fallen world.

Congrats Madeline and Samuel. You two are so special!

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