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Do you really need a second photographer?

This is the number one most asked question our prospective couples ask on our calls. Should I book a second shooter? The answer is..... it depends on your vision and goals for your photography.

I know , I know you are probably expecting a resounding YES! as our answer but, there truly are many factors to consider when deciding between one or two photographers for your day. Before going into that lets first go over the role of a second photographer.

What does a second shooter do?

The Adair second shooter is predominantly there to be another perspective. If the main photographer is using a 35mm lens, the second will be using an 85mm, or tighter. As a generalized example, if the main shooter is photographing formal photos at one side of the room, the second photographer will be capturing candid images of guests on the other side, or outside. They are there to tell another part of the story in order for the completed wedding gallery to have a more broad scope of perspectives, and a deeper story of the day.

A common misconception to give clarity on is that the second photographer is not an assistant, and they aren't someone who is "in training". They're someone who is fully capable of running the wedding day as a main shooter, and someone who does so regularly.

Why should you book a second shooter?

As the world of wedding photography is evolving one thing that stays the same is that couples truly LOVE the candid moments captured. Through getting ready, the ceremony. cocktail hour and breaking it down at the reception our couples have the same goal: the photographer to capture those "in the moment" shots. If that describes your wedding photography vision then we strongly encourage you consider hiring a second shooter.

Some other considerations would be if there are two different getting ready locations on your day. One photographer can stay with the Bride and the second shooter can go with the groom.If you have larger bridal party or larger family group portraits, the second shooter can help make these pictures be more efficient. We have even had couples have the second shooter focus on the cocktail hours while the main shooter is shooting the formal portraits. Because the second shooter is a highly trained photographer just about anything is possible.

Why to only have a main photographer?

The big bad B word.....Budget.

Weddings are expensive, we get it! If you are panning with a tight budget, sticking with one photographer is a way to save a little money. You will still have absolutely breathtaking photos to look back on. For my wedding personally I only had one photographer and truly adore my pictures!

Maybe you're deciding between investing in the second shooter vs another Adair add on. We have three comparable add ons that could be of more importance to you and your future spouse. Ceremony Video, Extra hours of coverage or an engagement session are all close to the same investment as hiring a second photographer.

Ultimately the decision to hiring a second photographer really boils down to budget and your goals but one of the other add ons could align better with your wedding vision. If you are having trouble to deciding we can always schedule a call and I would love to help you with this decision and build your perfect photography bundle !

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