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Cincinnati Music Hall Wedding - Cincinnati Arts

Updated: May 23, 2022

Indian-American wedding at the Cincinnati Arts - Music Hall in Cincinnati. Priya being a doctor at

Children's Hospital and Bryce being a teacher at The Seven Hills School, and it being, well, 2020...the couple was very cautious about the health of the people around them. So they asked the majority of their guests to join the celebration from their homes via Zoom in lieu of in person at Music

Hall. Priya and Bryce even took time to sit and visit with guests in Zoom break-out rooms!

The florals all around Music Hall were designed by Celeste at Village General. They were so artful, and so perfectly colorful! (Check out the traditional Mandap, with pops of perfectly styled blooms!)

Later Saturday night, after the toasts were made and the cake was cut, many guests who couldn't witness the wedding in person surprised the couple with a train of well wishes from their cars outside Music Hall. Priya and Bryce were so surprised and excited to see their beloved friends.

The day was gorgeous, and even though it wasn't exactly what they had planned, it was perfect for them. Check out their highlights below, and if you are interested in seeing what a full wedding gallery looks like, check out the full one here.

Fittingly, Priya and Bryce's engagement session was taken at night during the light-based art festival Blink Cincinnati 2019. See that session here!

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