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Photography since 2002

Joyfully married since 2013

Mama since 2017 

Adair's affectionate head photographer. Enjoying life with two sweet littles and one very quirky dachshund.


My passion is investing in couples (and laughing. There's a lot of laughing).

I believe in seeing life from the big perspective. 

What's really important?

Family. Tradition. Memories. Legacy.


From that frame of mind, we're able to take ourselves less seriously and savor the small moments. This is the place from which my photography flows and flourishes.


For this reason, I only take on a limited

number of couples each year. Read more about my pricing and working with me here



There are a lot of reasons people become wedding photographers.


In order to be an Adair Photographer, you must have a few main ingredients:

A heart for investing into couples


An eye for genuine moments

These are rare qualities. But Adair's couples deserve to be invested in.

They deserve for their photographer to care about them, not just show up to a wedding to take pictures. 


We truly cherish our couples, and are proud to provide them with the best possible photographs of their day. 

Adair has been intentionally structured to allow our photographers to have maximum creative flow. For an artist, running a business can be a big hinderance to creativity. Taking out that aspect for our photographers allows them to do what fills their hearts: Investing in couples and making art.  


Great wedding photography is priceless.


It captures the essence of a couple.

Their love for each other and their family. 


The moments with loved ones who may someday only be in photographs to show their children.


Sitting in your living room with friends months after your wedding, looking through your albums. Telling and hearing stories from your wedding day,

laughing and crying.

That's when we have done our job.


"I adored her personality and heart of compassion! She made me feel so loved in every moment I spent with her!" Ashley S
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