2019 Wedding Trends

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Here are some wedding trends to look out for. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to, with a Cincinnati twist.

Here’s your summary of 2019 trends:

Colors to watch for: Green and Emerald, champagne and merlot, and all shades of purple

We will also be seeing darker, more bold tones, versus the lighter pastel tones of recent years


We all have busy lifestyles now. Wedding planning cannot be a part time job the way it used to be. More and more venues are offering all-inclusive packages, without sacrificing your uniqueness. Many busy couples are hiring all-in-one venues to make their wedding planning as simple as possible.

Who to consider:

Hotel Covington

Greenacres Arts Foundation In Indian Hill (contact here)

Mix and Match (tastefully)

A rising trend is seeing the mix and match of not only bridesmaids dresses, which have been varied for years now, but groomsmen’s tuxes, as well.

Many place settings at receptions and on registries are becoming tastefully assorted one from another to create a personalized touch for each guest.


Expect to see the outdoors coming in. With green walls, green ceilings, and an increase of greenery in centerpieces. There will certainly be no shortage of florals, though. Draping, free-flowing assortments will adorn the most beautiful soirees in 2019. There has also been an increase in hanging floral centerpieces, which makes so much sense! They add so much elegance, and you get to better connect with the people at your table without flowers in the way!

Amazing florists to contact: Eve Florals and Yellow Canary Floral and Event Design

Wedding Dresses

When it comes to stand-out wedding dresses, there tends to be two extremes these days, that are both absolutely stunning. Elegantly understated (think Meghan Markle), or bespoke goddess. If you are looking for a stand-out dress that is different from all your friends’, go to Lovely Bride in Hyde Park. If you are looking for formal, elegant and sophisticated, go to Hyde Park Bridal or Kotsovos.

Don’t Stress About Favors

Help guests enjoy the moment instead. Use the money on something like a photo booth, an on-site mixologist, or an extra-amazing DJ.

Great Option: DJ Toad of Toad Productions, whose company is the king of creating an epic party.

Naked Cakes

Need I say more? Elegance just got a sister. Naked cakes are endlessly customizable and bold, yet refreshingly simple.

Reach out to: Naked Cakes Co. This new business is focused on organic (you can get non-organic, too) naked cakes.

Rustic Has Changed

Rustic hasn’t completely gone away, but it is less southern (burlap, lace and baby’s breath) and more industrial. Clean lines, metal, exposed brick and reclaimed wood. This look is much preferred by many because it allows for a more tailored, elegant feel.

No More Sparklers

The trend of doing grand reception exits is on the decline, but especially with sparklers (too many fires?) Instead, more couples are considering the classic option of having an exit from the ceremony instead, with decomposable confetti, sprinkles, rose petals or lavender.

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